Research Committee

The provisions of the Presidential Decree 432/81, which refers to the foundation of Special Account for the financing of research Programmes at the Universities, were extended with the article 8 paragraph 2 of the 1771/88 law to the Academy of Athens as well. The main objective of the Special Account is to distribute and administer money which is coming from various sources to cover any kind of expenses which are necessary for the researchers to carry out their projects. The Senate of the Academy of Athens following both the 1771/88 Law and the 432/81 Presidential Decree decided, at the meeting of the 10th of May 1988, to establish the Research Committee which administers the Account and appoint its members.
The Research Committee has the following jurisdictions:
i) It settles the procedure of evaluation, selection, financing, paying off expenses, and receiving the reports with the results of the research projects.
ii) In accord with the above mentioned procedure, it evaluates, selects and approves proposals to finance research programmes from the Special Account.
iii) It budgets its annual scientific and economic account and it keeps the President and the Senate of the Academy of Athens, and the Ministry of Education acquainted with reports.
iv) It finances members of the scientific personnel of the Academy of Athens or guest scholars to do research to the Committee's account.
v) It accepts allowances, endowments, contributions to the Account and it decides on the specific terms of their acceptance and distribution.
vi) It searches for resources to finance the Special Account· it decides to borrow money and authorizes the persons who will sign the contracts.

Research Committee
President:  Antonios Rengakos
Vice-President: Christos S. Zerefos
MembersEmmanuel Roucounas   - Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos 
Alternate members : Constantinos Vayenas - Yiannis Parmakelis - Nikiforos Diamandouros
Secretariat: Pavlos Giamas (Head) (Tel: +30 210 3664778)
Secretarial support: Georgia Angelopoulou (Tel.: +30 210 3664726)
Financial Manager: Eleni Bita (Tel.: +30 210 3664716)
Bid Manager: George Marinos (Tel: +30 210 3664780)
Application of Accounting Program: Bita Eirini (Tel: +30 210 3664701)

Publications (in Greek)

  • Illiteracy in The Country Members of EUC (1993)
  • Athenian Democracy. Essays for the Form of Government and the Ideology of the Athenians (1995)
  • Education and Systems of Education in The Country Members of EUC (1995)
  • Research Activities. Review of the Research Work of the Research Committee since its Foundation (Gregory Gizelis, ed. 1996)
  • Public Administration and the Challenge of the 21th Century (1998)
  • History of Mathematics , Nicolaos K. Artemiadis (2000)
  • Speeches given from the Platform of the Academy of Athens, Nicolaos K. Artemiadis (2001)

Address: 28 Panepistimiou str., 106 79 Athens
Tel.: +30 210 3664726
FAX: +30 210 3664727