The Academy of Athens was the country's first research medium. In its Founding Charter of 1926, scientific research is included in its objectives, the realization of which is provided for through the founding of 'Laboratories of Scientific Research' and through the encouragement and support of research projects. In this context the Academy of Athens, immediately upon its establishment, incorporated two scientific archives-centres that were already in existence: The Istorikon Lexikon (Historical Dictionary, founded in 1914), which is the present-day Centre of Research into Modern Greek Dialects and Idioms (I.L.N.E.), and the Laografikon Archeion (the Folklore Archive, founded in 1918), which is the current Center of Research into Greek Folklore.

Furthermore as early as the first decade of its operation, the Academy founded two more research archives-centers: In 1929 the present-day Center of Research into the History of Greek Law, and in 1930 the present-day Center of Research into Medieval and Modern Hellenism. In 1935 the Academy established the Fund for Scientific Research, in order to financially boost research proposed by the Academy's three Sections. This service corresponds to that of the present-day Research Committee of the Academy, which has been in operation since 1981 and manages scientific projects.

Between the 1950s and the present day, nine more research centers and ten research offices began operating at the Academy, covering research into the Arts (Modern Greek History, Greek and Latin Literature, Archaeology, Greek Philosophy, Scientific Terms and Neologisms, Greek Society, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Modern Greek Art, Architecture, International and Constitutional Institutions, Financial Research), and into the Sciences (Astronomy, Climatology, Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Information Technology, Military and Defense issues). Concurrently the Academy of Athens remains an active participant in international research projects.

The Academy of Athens' latest major contribution to research is the internationally renowned Biomedical Research Foundation, which has been operating under its supervision since 2002.


The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity