Mathematics Research Center

The Center is aiming to promote cutting-edge research in classical and applied mathematics. Its researchers have produced and continue to develop novel rigorous theoretical results, which in turn impact on a variety of practical problems which originate in the real world. The research activities of the centre can be summarized as follows:

  • Applications of complex analysis
  • Analysis and solution of partial differential equations
  • Pure and applied asymptotic analysis
  • Mathematical analysis of fluid dynamics
  • Theoretical aspects of the general theory of relativity and of particle physics
  • Rigorous analysis and development of efficient algorithms for the solution of a variety of inverse problems
  • Multi-modality medical imaging (i.e., PET, SPECT, MRI, CT, MEG and EEG)
  • Cancer informatics analysis of molecular genetics and medical imaging, with emphasis in radio-genomics
  • Mathematical modelling of the dynamics of infectious diseases using analytic algorithms and machine learning


The formation of the Mathematics Research Center (MaRC) of the Academy of Athens was decided unanimously at the plenary session of the Academy of Athens during session no. 2510 / 09.03.2006, following the initiative of Academian Athanassios Fokas. It is an upgrade of the Research Office of Pure Mathematics (ROPM), which was founded in 1992 by the late Academician Nikolaos K. Artemiadis. MaRC was established on March 7, 2008, with the Presidential Decree 23/2008 (Government Gazette 42 A΄ / 07.03.08). The first Supervisor of MaRC was the late Academician Nikolaos Artemiadis. Since 2010, Supervisor of the centre is the Academician Athanasios Fokas. In September 2009, Dr. George Kastis was appointed as a researcher to the centre and has been since serving as an Acting Director.


Contact Details
4, Soranou Efesiou str., 115 27 Athens
Tel. +30 210 6597159
Fax: +30 210 6597600