Vasilikou Aikaterini

Aikaterini Vasilikou

Biographical note

She is a graduate of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Athens (1987) and of the Department of Philosophy, major in Sociology, Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne (1990). She continued her studies at Paris 1, where she obtained two postgraduate degrees: D.E.A. (1991) and DESUP (1992). During her postgraduate studies she received a scholarship from the French government. She obtained the postgraduate diploma of the National School of Public Health, Department of Sociology of Health, Athens (1998). She holds a PhD in Social Sciences and Sociology, University of Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne (2005). Since 2000 she works in the Academy of Athens, first at the Bureau of International and Constitutional Institutions, and after at the Research Center for Greek Society as a Researcher. Her research interests focus on women’s migration, domestic work, migration networks, ‘transnational’ family, diaspora and sociology of health.

She participated in two Research Programs at the Research Center for Greek Society: (1) on the Economic and Social Impact of Immigration in Greece and (2) on Poverty and Social Marginalization. She also participated: (1) as an Expert in European Research Programs, (2) as a Member and Evaluator in European Social Action Committees, (3) as a Research Coordinator in European Programs, (4) as a Main Researcher in European and National Programs and (5) as a Member of Working Groups.

From 2000 to 2013 she taught in the Postgraduate Studies Program of the National School of Public Health. In 2011-2012 (posted at the NSPH, Department of Sociology) she taught the following courses: “Methods and Techniques of the Social Sciences in the Health Sector”, “Sociology of Health”, “Sociology of Health Services-Hospitals”, “Applied Public Health”. She was also a consultant professor of postgraduate students of the School. From 2012 to 2017 she taught at the Police Academy, National Security School, the course “Female Migration and Migration Networks”. In 2017-18 she was a trainer of Applied Social Science in the field of Toxic Dependency at KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) in the postgraduate program “Administration and Social Planning in the Management of Toxic Dependence”. Since 2016 she teaches and supervises postgraduate students at the Greek Open University, in two Postgraduate programs: a) the Postgraduate Program “Management of Health Units”, in the course “Sociological and Psychological Approach of Hospitals/Health Services” and b) the Postgraduate Program “Sciences of Education”, in the course “Education: Cultural Diversity and Social Inequalities”. 

She has participated in conferences and scientific meetings in Greece and abroad. She has edited and translated scientific volumes.

Foreign languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Some of her publications are the following:

Vassilikou K. (2021). Transnational family and contemporary migration. The case of domestic workers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe in Greece, Research Centre for Greek Society, Academy of Athens.

Vassilikou K. (2007). Immigrant Women and Human Rights. A Biographical Research on Domestic Workers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Academy of Athens.

- Argyri Ε., Vassilikou K. (2023). Inclusion of students with different sexual orientation and gender in the Greek school, Education Sciences, 37-57.

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- Vassilikou K. (2014). Children’s care and its Shortcomings in a Transnational Context, in Th. Fouskas, V. Tsevrenis (eds), Contemporary Immigration in Greece: A Sourcebook, European Public Law Organization (EPLO), 165-176.

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