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Stavros Solomos
Senior Researcher

Biographical note

Positions and Studies

Stavros Solomos received his B.Sc. in Physics, M.Sc. in Environmental Physics / Meteorology and PhD in Meteorology / Atmospheric Modeling from the University of Athens, Greece in 2001, 2003 and 2011 respectively. During 2006-2013 he worked as research associate at the Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group at the University of Athens. During 2013-2020, he worked as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). He is Senior Researcher at the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens.

Research and teaching 

His research focuses on numerical model development, modeling of atmospheric physical processes at all scales, aerosols and their impacts on weather and climate (e.g. desert dust, sea salt, biomass), severe atmospheric phenomena (e.g. hurricanes, floods, haboobs), air pollution, dispersion modeling and model-remote sensing synergies (e.g. satellite assimilation, source-receptor apportionment). He is the co-developer of the atmospheric model RAMS-ICLAMS at the University of Athens and the FireHub and DustHub services at the National Observatory of Athens. 

He has 59 publications in scientific journals (h-index = 19, Scopus). He has more than 80 conference publications and he is reviewer in 17 international scientific journals. He has participated in 11 international campaigns related to atmospheric research as expert for the modeling of atmospheric processes. He has been actively involved in >30 research projects (in 4 as PI). He is the coordinator of H.F.R.I. project MegDeth dealing with the research of dust aerosol and Working Group Leader COST Action CA21119, HARMONIA: International network for harmonization of atmospheric aerosol retrievals from ground-based photometers.

He teaches the class "Introduction to Climate Change" at the Inter-disciplinary MSc Program “Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change” of the Hellenic Open University and the Academy of Athens (2022- ). In 2018 he worked as Appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Athens teaching the class “Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology” at the Department of Mathematics. During 2015-2019 he lectured the classes “Earth System Science” and “Space Applications” at the MSc program “Space Science Technologies and Applications” of the National Observatory of Athens. He is member of consulting and examination committees for MSc and PhD.

Indicative Publications (

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