Spiliotopoulou Maria

Maria Spiliotopoulou
Director of Research

Biographical note

BA History and Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens (1983). Postgraduate studies at Paris I-Sorbonne University (1991). PhD in History at the University of Crete (2005).

She has worked at the Modern Greek History Research Centre of the Academy of Athens at the Modern Greece’s Historical Bibliography project, at the editing project of the Kolettis Archive (1788-1824), at the project Modern Greek History Online and has supervised the internship of students at the Centre. She is currently directing the research projects Calendar of Events of World War II concerning Greece and the project Psara Archive (1821-1827). She is a member of the Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities DYAS -DARIAH GR, part of the European Infrastructure DARIAH EU - ERIC.
Historian of the early modern and contemporary Greece, she focuses on social and economic structures, as well as on political history and digital humanities.


Positions held

2012- Director of Research (Researcher A) on Modern and Contemporary History Modern Greek History Research Centre, Academy of Athens, Greece.
2021- Deputy National Representative and National Coordinator of DARIAH-GR/ΔΥΑΣ
2017-2020 National Representative and National Coordinator of DARIAH-GR/ΔΥΑΣ

Selection of Publications

Calendar of Events 1940-1941. According to the documents of the Special Operations Executive, Academy of Athens. (forthcoming) (ebook)

Alkiviadis N. Bourdaras Archive, Academy of Athens, Athens. (forthcoming) (in Greek)

“Archival collections of the Modern Greek History Research Centre of the Academy of Athens” folio: Journal of the Greek Archival Society, 3, 2024. (forthcoming) (in

2023 Spiliotopoulou M. et al., “From Dataset to Knowledge Graph: The “Chronology of Events 1940-1944” at the Academy of Athens, poster, DARIAH Annual Event 2023: Cultural Heritage Data as Humanities Research Data?, June 2023 Budapest, https://zenodo.org/record/7961902

         Spiliotopoulou M., Karasimos A., et al., “From DARIAH-GR-ΔΥΑΣ to Parthenos-EU. Digital Infrastructure, Resource Registries and Thesaurus of Humanities”, in Petridis P. (Ed.), Digital Humanities in Greece: Concerns and Challenges. Summit Proceedings, Digital Library KEAE, National Documentation Centre, https://doi.org/10.12681/praktika.5211

2022 Spiliotopoulou M. and Zei E., “New Perspectives in Local Societies During the Greek War of Independence: The Consular Experience in the Aegean”, in Y. Cartledge, A. Varnavas (ed.) New Pespectives on the Greek War of Independence. Myths, Realities, Legacies and Reflections, Palgrave Macmillan, 45-66

2021 “British archaeologists in Crete (1940-1945): J. D. S. Pendlebury and T. J.Dunbanin”, Neoellinika Istorika 6, Athens, 2021, 1-73, (in Greek)

        “Strategies of Resistance in the islands during the occupation: the example of Naxos as a starting point”, Records of the VIth Conference Naxos through the ages, vol. B, 1473-1488, Naxos, (in Greek)     

        “Autumn 1944. The Cyclades liberation as recorded in the British archives”, Epetiris Eterias Kikladikon Meleton 22, vol. A, 389-401, Athens 2021, (in Greek)

         Sarafi, L., Lagani, E., Papadimitriou, D., Spiliotopoulou M. (eds), Depictions of European History.Papers dedicated to Procopis Papastratis, Athens, Ed. Vivliorama, 2021 (in Greek and in English)
        “Diaries. The testimony of combatants and civilians in World War II”, in Sarafi, L., Lagani, E., Papadimitriou, D., Spiliotopoulou M. (eds), Depictions of European History. Papers dedicated to Procopis Papastratis, 399-406, Athens, Ed. Vivliorama, (in Greek)

2018 “October 28th 1941-1943: aspects of Resistance in occupied Athens”, Neoellinika Istorika 5, 65-92, Athens, (in Greek)

2016 “Nuns in Santorini (XVII – XVIII c.): social and economic characteristics of religious choices”, Meseonika kai Nea Ellinika 12, Athens, 229-253 (in Greek)

         December 1944 in Athens during 1945: the story of the corpses, Από την Απελευθέρωση στα Δεκεμβριανά. Μια τομή στην πολιτική ιστορία της Ελλάδας. Athens.

         Allied Missions in the Cyclades: Resistance and Liberation in Naxos, Paros and Iraklia (1943-1944), Νεοελληνικά Ιστορικά 4, 35-111.

2014 The Prometheus II organisation and the British policies concerning the Resistance development in occupied Greece], M. Lyberatos, P. Papastratis, Αριστερά και Αστικός Κόσμος, Athens, 544-554.

        Family strategies in the Aegean (17th - early 19th Centuries): the case of Santorini", Μεσαιωνικά και Νέα Ελληνικά 11, 173-199.

2013 Survival strategies in the Cyclades during the Greek War of Independence in 1821: Christodoulos Gisis, Vice consul of the Netherlands in Santorini], Νεοελληνικά Ιστορικά 3, 11-61.

2010 Patrick Leigh Fermor’s journey in the mountains of Crete (1941-1944), Νεοελληνικά Ιστορικά 2, 87-126.

2007 Mary Parianou, Testimonial of Resistance and Prison (1941-1945) (recording and editing of a written and oral narrative)], Athens

2005 Bying a Turk slave in Sifnos in the 17th c., Μνήμων 27 (2005), 237-244.

2003 SOE: Recruitment of Greeks in Greece and in the Middle East (1941-1944), Δελτίο του Κέντρου Ερεύνης της Ιστορίας του Νεωτέρου Ελληνισμού 3, 237-282.

2003 - 2004 Calendar of Events 1940-1944. According to documents of the Foreign Office, vol. A’ 1940-1943, vol. B’  1944 (in collaboration with Procopis Papastratis), Athens.

2002 George Christodoulou, El Alamein, Middle East, Bardia. The story of a Greek soldier born in Egypt] (recording and editing of an oral narrative), Athens.

2000 United National Resistance 1940-44: a move of reconciliation, Δελτίο του Κέντρου Ερεύνης της Ιστορίας του Νεωτέρου Ελληνισμού 2, 271-286.

1998 War diaries: George Spiliotopoulos - Mitsos Karantzas, 1947-1948, Δελτίο του Κέντρου Ερεύνης της Ιστορίας του Νεωτέρου Ελληνισμού 1, 233-272.

1997 Landed property and taxation in Santorini in the 17th century", στο Evang. Balta, Problemes et approaches de l'histoire ottomane, Istanbul, 115-148 (in collaboration with Evagelia Balta).

1992 Panayotis Spiliotopoulos, Documents on the war of 1940-1941. The activity of the XV division. The other aspect of the capitulation of the Greek Army] (editing), Athens.

1992 In Santorini during the 17th-18th c.: buying and selling landed property, Τα Ιστορικά 9/17, 243-274



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