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Victoria Sabetai

Biographical note

VICTORIA SABETAI is Director of Research in the Research Centre for Antiquity of the Academy of Athens, Greece. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Archaeology and History of Art and holds a PhD diploma from the University of Cincinnati, U.S.A. (1993). She has been associate member at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. She passed successfully the specialized written competition of the Ministry of Culture and joined the Archaeological Service of Greece in 1993. She was posted as Curator of Antiquities at the Ephorate of Boeotia, Thebes and conducted excavations at the ancient necropolis of Akraiphia. She is a researcher at the Academy of Athens from 1996 to present; her main field of interest concerns Classical Archaeology, especially vase-painting and iconography. Her publications include books and articles on Boeotian archaeology, Attic and regional vase-painting and nuptial iconography. She has contributed two fascicules in the international series Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, which is published under the aegis of the Union Académique Internationale and the Academy of Athens and is currently involved in a research program publishing grave groups from Boeotia.


A. Books

  • The Washing Painter. A Contribution to the Wedding and Genre Iconography in the Second Half of the Fifth Century B.C., Διδακτορική Διατριβή, University of Cincinnati 1993.
  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Thebes Museum 1 (Αθήνα 2001).
  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Benaki Museum 1 (Athens 2006).
  • S. Schierup, V. Sabetai (επιμ.), The Regional Production of Red-figure Pottery: Greece, Magna Graecia and Etruria (Aarhus University Press 2014).

B. Articles

  • Xρονικά του AρχΔελτίου 49 (1994) [1999] 287-289.
  • Xρονικά του Aρχ. Δελτίου 50 (1995) [2000] 301-304.
  • Xρονικά του Aρχ. Δελτίου 51 (1996) [2001] 272-275.
  • "Aspects of Genre and Nuptial Imagery in Fifth Century Athens: Issues of Interpretation and Methodology", στο J. H. Oakley, W. D. E. Coulson, O. Palagia (eds.) Proceedings of the international conference Potters and Painters in Ancient Athens (1997) 319-335.
  • "Παιδικές Tαφές Aκραιφίας", Πεπραγμένα Γ' Συνεδρίου Bοιωτικών Mελετών Θήβα 1996, (Αθήνα 2000) 494-535.
  • “Marriage Boeotian Style”, Hesperia 67 (1998) 323-334.
  • “Mελαμβαφής και ύστερη ερυθρόμορφη κεραμική από νεκροταφείο της Bοιωτίας”, ΣT’ Eπιστημονική συνάντηση γιά την Eλληνιστική Kεραμική, Aπρίλιος 2000, Bόλος (Αθήνα 2004) 461-472.
  • [με τους Ε. Βλαχογιάννη και Α. Λάγια]: «Πολλαπλές ταφές από το νεκροταφείο της αρχαίας Ακραιφίας. Αρχαιολογική και ανθρωπολογική προσέγγιση», Δ’ Διεθνές Συνέδριο Βοιωτικών Μελετών, Λιβαδιά 2000 (2008) 711-744.
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  • «Μικρά αγγεία, μικρές στιγμές: Ι. Οι ερυθρόμορφες αρυβαλλοειδείς λήκυθοι του Μουσείου Μπενάκη», Μουσείο Μπενάκη 6 (2006) [2007] 23-44.
  • «Attic, Boeotian or Euboean? An Orphan Skyphos from Rhitsona Revisited” στο: D. C. Kurtz et al. (επιμ.), Essays in Classical Archaeology for Eleni Hatzivassiliou 1977-2007 (Οxford 2008) 137-143.
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  • «Μικρά αγγεία, μικρές στιγμές: ΙI. Οι ερυθρόμορφες λήκυθοι του Μουσείου Μπενάκη», Μουσείο Μπενάκη 8 (2008) [2009] 123-149.
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  • “Women’s Ritual Roles in the Cycle of Life”, στο: N. Kaltsas-A. Shapiro (επ.), Worshiping Women (New York 2008) 289-297.
  • “Boeotian Red-figured Vases: Observations on their Contexts and Settings”, στο: S. Schierup – B. Bundgaard Rasmussen, Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting, Gösta Enbom Monographs 2, Aarhus University Press 2012, 81-98.
  • «Looking at Athenian vases through the eyes of the Boeotians: copies, adaptations and local creations in the social and aesthetic culture of an Attic neighbour» στο S. Schmidt-A. Stähli (επιμ.), Vasenbilder im  Kulturtransfer, CVA Beiheft 5, Munich 2012, 121-137.
  • «Ψαράδες: οι παίδες και η θάλασσα» στο Ε. Κεφαλίδου-Δ. Τσιαφάκη, επιμ., Κεραμέως Παίδες, Αντίδωρο στον Καθηγητή Μιχάλη Τιβέριο από τους μαθητές του. Θεσ/νίκη 2012, 49-60.
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  • V. Sabetai, «Encountering Pan in the Wilderness: a Small Chous at the Benaki Museum», Kernos 31 (2018) 141-166.
  • V. Sabetai & C. Avronidaki, “The Six’s Technique in Boiotia. Regional Experiments in Technique and Iconography», Hesperia 87.2 (2018) 311–385.
  • V. Sabetai,  “The Transformation of the Bride in Attic Vase-Painting”, in C. Sulosky-Weaver & R. M. Gondek, επιμ., The Αncient Art of Transformation, Oxford, Oxbow Books 2019, 33-51.
  • V. Sabetai, “Pan, God of Wilderness, in Boeotian Landscapes: Fear, Laughter and Coming of Age”, Mythos 13, 2019, paragraphs 1-24.
  • E. Nikita, Ch. Schrock, V. Sabetai, E. Vlachogianni: «Bioarchaeological perspectives to diachronic life quality and mobility in ancient Boeotia, central Greece: Preliminary insights from Akraiphia», International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 29.1, 2019, 26-35.

C. Βιβλιοκρισίες

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D. Λήμματα

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  • «Μυκαλησσός (Αρχαιότητα)», 2011, Εγκυκλοπαίδεια Μείζονος Ελληνισμού, Βοιωτία. URL:

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