Kalabokas Pavlos

Pavlos Kalabokas

Biographical note

Studies: He was born in Koutselio of Ioannina, Greece. He graduated from the University of Athens, Greece (Physics Department, 1983) and he carried out Post-graduate studies in the University of PARIS VII, France (Master’s Degree “D.E.A”, 1984 and Ph.D. Degree “Diplome de Doctorat”, 1987 in Air Pollution Chemistry and Environmental Physics with a granted Scholarship from the “Alexander Onassis” Foundation).

Post-doctoral research – Teaching: He served as Post-doctoral research scientist at the Institutes of “Chemistry of Polluted atmospheres-ICH2” and “Applied Physical Chemistry-ICH4” of the Research Center KFA-Jülich (now FZ-Jülich), Germany (1987-90), at the Laboratory of Meteorology, Physics Department, University of Athens, Greece (1991-94) and at the Environmental Research Laboratory of NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece (1994-96). He worked also as High-School Professor (1992-94) as well as Professor at the Institute of Vocational Training (IEK) in Piraeus, Section of Pollution control (1993-96).

Academy of Athens: In 1996 he was elected and appointed as Associate Research Scientist at the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens, promoted to Senior Researcher in 2000 and to Director of Research in 2005. He is Acting Director of the unit since 2011. He worked also as Invited Research Scientist at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at the European Commission, Joint Research Center (EC-JRC), Ispra, Italy during a 12-month Sabbatical research leave from the Academy of Athens (2014).

Research interests: His research is focused on atmospheric physical chemistry, local and regional photochemical air pollution, as well as on the influence of atmospheric circulation and other climatic parameters to tropospheric and boundary layer ozone variability, with a special emphasis on the Mediterranean area and the urban area of Athens, Greece.

Publications: He has published over 160 publications in International peer-reviewed Journals, in Conference Proceedings and Conference Communications, in Technical Reports of research projects as well as other relevant publications. He has participated in over 60 Scientific Conferences and he is a Reviewer in 15 International Scientific Journals.

Other Scientific Activities: Member of scientific Committees of International Conferences. Referee of research projects funded by the European Union, Greece and Cyprus. Member of scientific committees of the Greek public administration related with environmental protection issues. Member of examination committees for MSc and PhD student theses in Universities in Greece and Malta as well as member of the evaluation committees for the promotion of Research Scientists and University Professors in various Research Centers and Universities in Greece.

Spoken languages: Greek, English, French, German, Italian



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