Krimbas Constantinos

Constantinos Krimbas
Academy Member

Biographical note

Agricaltural Sciences  (2002)

Krimbas Costas (Agricultural Sciences, Athens 1932, 2002). Population and evolutionary geneticist. He studied Biology at the University of Lausanne and Genetics at the Sorbonne. He earned his Dr’s Degree at the University of Athens, and he was appointed Postdoctoral Researcher at Columbia University, New York. He served as Professor of Genetics at the Agricultural University in Athens (now Professor h.c.) and as Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology at Athens University (and later as Professor Emeritus). He was also Professor for the Evolutionary Origin of Species at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) and taught as Visiting Professor Population Biology at Harvard. Dr h.c. at the University of Thessaloniki, the University of Thrace and the University of Crete. Member of the Academy of Athens since 2002.
Among his research contributions, the invention of the temporal method for estimating the effective population size might be mentioned, as well as two essays he wrote on the concept of “adaptation” (published in Evolutionary Biology) and “fitness” (in Biology and Philosophy). He has also published in Greek several books of essays, Yanni Sareyanni and the concept of disease, and a voluminous (over 1.000 pages) Darwinism and its history until our days, and in English he edited with R. Singh Evolutionary Genetics, with Singh, Paul and Beatty Thinking about Evolution (both by Cambridge University Press) and with Powell Drosophila Inversion Polymorphism (CRC Press).