Konstantinidou Magdalene

Magdalene Konstantinidou
Grade A Researcher

Biographical note

Magdalene Konstantinidou is a research professor at the Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects of the Academy of Athens, and a member of the editorial team of the Historical Dictionary of Modern Greek. She studied Classical and Modern Greek Literature and Linguistics at the University of Athens, and received her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Bielefeld. Her main topics of research are semantics, dialectology, and dialectal lexicography. She is the author of Sprache und Gefühl: Semiotische und andere Aspekte einer Relation (1997).

Information and contact

Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects


22, Alexandrou Soutsou str.,
106 71 Athens

Tel: +30 211 211 1019

E-mail: mkonstantinidou@academyofathens.gr