Dr. Vasileios-Alexandros N. Kollias

Vasileios-Alexandros Kollias
Assistant Researcher

Biographical note

Education-Academic qualifications

2010 | Law Degree, Faculty of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (grade 8.67/10.00)

2012 | Post-graduate Studies Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, Department of History and Theory of Law; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (grade 9.33/10.00)

2014 | Post-graduate Studies Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, Department of History and Theory of Law; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (grade 10.00/10.00)

2017 | PhD in Law, Faculty of Law, Department of History and Theory of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (grade 10.00/10.00)

Professional Experience

2012- | Attorney-At-Law

Administrative Law; Ecclesiastical Law; Corporate Law; Personal Data Protection Law; Informatics Law; Civil and Commercial Law.

2019-2020 |Lecturer in Byzantine Law: Athens Law School (Under-Graduate Program), spring semester

2019-2020 | Lecturer in Byzantine Law: Athens Law School (Post-Graduate Program). History of Public and Private Law during the post-byzantine period

Foreign Languages

English (Proficient), German (Proficient)



Chrysobulls in Byzantine Law. From their appearance to 1204 AD, Athens, 2020. 648 pages.

Transcript - Text Editing in the Diplomatic Edition: Douzinas K. (ed.) - Bourdara K. (Editor-in-Chief), Konstantinos Logothetis Douzinas Archive (1803-1830). Contribution to the History of Poros Island, Athens, 2018.

Linguistic editing in: Papagianni E. (Chief. Ed.) - Arnautoglou H. - Dimopoulou A. - Karampelas D. - Liarmakopoulos A. - Hatzakis I. - Helmis A., History of law: From Antiquity to the modern Greek State [ebook], Athens 2015.


Legal History

"The influence of emperors on dispute settlements in ecclesiastical matters: the jurisdictional struggle over the Diocese of Amykleion and the relevant court battle (1340 AD)", in: Druwé W. - Decock W. - Angelini P. - Castelein M. (eds), Ius commune graeco-romanum. Essays in Honour of Prof. Dr. Laurent Waelkens [KVAB, Iuris Scripta Historica, 30], Leuven 2018, 69-87.

"Observations on the portrayal of the Ruler in the Novels of Leo VI", in coop. with Prof. Papagiannis G. - Prof. Tziatzi-Papagianni M. - Dr. Nikolaou A., Studia Ceranea 11 (2021) 11-23.

 "Kathosiosis and ecclesiastical property in legal sources of middle Byzantine period", in: Tzamtzis I. - Stavrakos Chr. - Antonopoulos P. (eds.), Ἀρετὴν τὴν καλλίστην. Essays in Honor of Prof. Kalliope (Kelly) Bourdara, Athens-Thessaloniki 2021, 389-419.

"Michael Psellos’ career as a public official”, Ecclesiastikos Pharos 90 (2020-2021) 215-238.

"Byzantine law from Constantine the Great to the death of Justinian: An Overview", in: Papagianni E. - Penna D. (eds.), Brill’s Companion to Byzantine Law, to be published: 2023-2024.

"Chrysobulls 'Healers' ('Ἰατῆρες') in favor of Byzantine Church institutions (12th century AD)", SG, to be published: 2023.

"A Novel of Leo VI the Wise of doubtful authenticity. The mysteries of a (draft of) a Law on the Orphanage of Constantinople and the emphyteusis", Epetiris Kentrou Erevnis Istorias Ellinikou Dikaiou of the Academy of Athens (EKEIED) 51 (2022) 255-295.

"Legal regulations regarding the administration of justice contained in international treaties of the middle Byzantine period (11th-12th centuries)", Volume in Memoriam Prof. Constantinos Pitsakes, to be published 2023.

"Validation of legal deeds by virtue of chrysobulls during the middle Byzantine period", under publication: Proceedings of the 21st Meeting of Historians of Law, Komotini, November 2-3, 2019, (to be published 2023-2024)

"Special regulations regarding the administration of justice containted in chrysobulls of the middle Byzantine period (11th-12th centuries): Acts addressed to the Empire's territory”, Σ κα δικαστὴς ἄριστος. Essays in Memoriam of Supreme Judge Georgios Panagiotopoulos, Athens-Thessaloniki 2022, 671-691.

Current Law

“Ecumenical Patriarchate & the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): Study on the European Courts of Human Rights Judgments: Fener Rum Patrikliği (Great School of the Nation) vs Turkey (2007) and Ecumenical Patriarchate vs Turkey (2008 & 2010)”, Armenopoulos (Law Magazine of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki) 67 (2013) 1821-1840 (in Greek).

“The acquisition and loss of nationality of a (former) foreigner Holy Mountain monk and the issuance of ID documents: On the occasion of the Judgment of the Administrative Court of Thessaloniki Nr. 653/2015”,  Armenopoulos 71 (2/2017) 180-186 (in Greek).

“Remarks on the Judgment of the First Degree Court of Veroia Nr. 5/2017”, EfAstPol (Legal Magazine for Civil Law) 10 (2/2017) 2-5.

“Problematic provisions of the Greek Law on personal data: Law Nr. 4624/2019 and its relationship with the General Data Protection Regulation”,  Armenopoulos (Law Magazine of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki) (2019/3-4) 265-275 (in Greek).

"Personal data, employees and confidentiality agreements: When the employer is both a Data Controller and Data Processor in the Private Sector", Armenopoulos 74 (9/2020) 1599-1611.

Skills and qualifications

2021 | Award from the Academy of Athens for the submitted and judged monograph on "The institution of the trimiria in Post-Byzantine Law".

2021 | Doctoral thesis award from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Award from the proceeds of the L. Sgouta - Th. Petousis Legacy for monograph - doctoral thesis "about the institution of Byzantine Law".

2012-2016 | Scholarship of the Academy of Athens for post-graduate studies (2nd level, PhD) on the History of the Hellenic-Roman Law.

2013 | Member of the Greek Legal History Society. 2019-2022 and 2022- Member of BoD of said Association (Cashier)

2016 | Member of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches.

2018 | Member of the Academy of Athens Scholars Association.

2017 | Representative (member of a 4-member team) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the UNICA National Conference in Rome (Towards a Student-Centred University).

Information and contact