Maltezou Chryssa

Chryssa Maltezou
Academy Member

Biographical note

History of Modern Hellenism [1453-1821]          (2012)

Member of the Academy of Athens since 2012. Professor Emerita at the University of Athens, Supervisor of the Research Center for Medieval and Modern Hellenism, and of the Research Center of the Byzantine and Postbyzantine Art (Academy of Athens).

Professor at the University of Crete (1982-1994), Director of the Centre for Byzantine and Postbyzantine Research, National Research Foundation, Athens (1980-1994), Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks Centre for Byzantine studies, Washington D.C.  (1987), Director of the Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia (1998-2012).

   Her field of research is the history of Medieval and Modern Hellenism, the relation between the Byzantine Empire and the Republic of Venice as well as the history of Greece during the period of the Latin domination (1204-1797).

Lectures and conferences at Universities and research centers:

Collège de France, Universities of Sorbonne, Genève, Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma di Mallorca and Moscow, Association Jean Gabriel Eynard (Genève), Fondazione Flaminia (Ravenna), Rutgers University (USA), University of California (USA), Princeton University (USA), Mary Washington University (USA), and others.

Committees and Organizations:

Member of the ‘Comitato per le fonti relative alla storia di Venezia’, member of the International Advisory Board of the ‘Mediterranean Historical Review’, foreign member of the ‘Deputazione di Storia Patria  per le Venezie’, foreign member of the ‘Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti’, correspondent member of the Istituto Siciliano di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici «Bruno Lavagnini», honorary member of the ‘Associetas Historicorum Russorum Medii Aevi,’ member of the ‘Sociètè Internationale des Historiens de la Méditerranée (SIHMED)’, member of the International Scientific Committee of the ‘Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica F. Datini ’ (Prato).


Golden Cross of the Order of Honour (Hellenic Republic, 2003).

Award from the University of Ravenna (Premio Dante Alighieri) 2007.


She has authored over 250 publications on various aspects of Veneto-Βyzantine relations as well as on the history of Greece under Latin rule. Her publications include: The institution of the Venetian bailo in Constantinople (1268-1453), Athens 1970 (in Greek); “Crete. Τhe historical and social context”, in Literature and society in Renaissance Crete, ed. D.Ηolton, Cambridge University Ρress 1991, 17-47; Venetian presence in Kythira (in Greek), Athens 1991; “Βyzantine ‘consuetudines’ in Venetian Crete”, Dumbarton Οaks Ρapers 49 (1995), 269- 280; Venice of the Greeks, Venice 1999; ‘ire debeas in rettorem Caneae’. The ducal commission to the rector of Canea, Venice 2002;  From Cyprus to Venice. Cypriots in the Serenissima after the Turkish conquest of the island (in Greek), Nicosia 2004; Anna Palaiologhina Notara (in Greek), Athens 2004; “Τhe Greek Version of the Fourth Crusade: From Νiketas Choniates to Τhe Ηistory of the Greek Νation”, in Urbs capta. La ΙVe Croisade et ses conséquences, sous la direction d’Αngeliki Laiou, Réalités byzantines 10, Ρaris 2005, 151-159; Greece under Venetian domination: Approaching its history, ed. (in Greek), 2 vols, Athens-Venice 2010; “La vénétocratie en Méditerranée orientale: tendances historiographiques et état actuel des études», in Venise et la Méditerranée. Rencontres européennes du patrimoine (30 et 31 octobre 2008), Venice 2011; Relations of the monastery of Saint John the Evangelist in Patmos and the Western World, Archival testimonies (in Greek), Athens 2017.

Information and contact

Supervisor of the Research Center for Medieval and Modern Hellenism and

Supervisor of the Research Center for Byzantine and post-Byzantine Art
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