Conomis Nicolaos

Nicolaos Conomis
Academy Member

Biographical note

Classical Literature/Ancient Greek Literature       (1990)

Classical scholar. Born in Cyprus 1922. Studied in Athens 1946-50, Oxford 1954-56, Cambridge 1956-57. Taught: Un. of Cape Town 1958-65, Un. of Ioannina 1965-69 (President 1967-69), Aristotle Un. of Thessaloniki 1969-89 (Rector 1978-79). President of the National Theatre of Northern Greece (1977-80), Minister of Education and Civilisation of Cyprus (1980-81), Member of the Academy of Athens (1990), President (2001), Higher Grand Cross (2004), Member of several foreign Academies and Institutions of Learning.
Main publications:
Studies on the Orator Lycurgus, Oxford 1956.
The Dochmiacs in Aeschylus and Sophocles, Athens 1962.
The Dochmiacs of Greek Drama, Stuttgart 1964.
Lycurgi Opera, Bibliotheca Teubneriana, Leipzig 1970.
Deinarchi Opera cum fragmentis, Bibliotheca Teubneriana, Leipzig 1975.
Archaic Lyric Poetry Α΄, Heraklion 1991.
From the History of Latin Language, Athens 52012.
Prolegomena to the Lyric Poetry of Ancient Greeks (in print).

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