Buraselis Kostas

Kostas Buraselis
Academy Member

Biographical note

Born in Athens (1950). First diploma of History & Archaeology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), 1973. Doctor’s degree (Dr.Phil.) in Ancient History at the Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany), 1979. Research fellow of the Research Centre for Antiquity at the Academy of Athens, 1980-1985. First elected director of the same Centre, 1985-1989. Associate professor of Ancient History at NKUA, 1989-2000. Professor of Ancient History at NKUA, 2000-2018, Professor Emeritus (October 2018-).

Head of the Committee of International Relations/NKUA (2007-2010). Head of the Department of History and Archaeology of NKUA (2005-2007, 2009-2011). Vice-Rector of NKUΑ on Academic Affairs and International Relations (2014-2018). Advisor of the Rectorate on Academic Affairs and International Relations (September 2018-). Vice-President of the Committee for Evaluation and Certification at the National Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (2020-). Member of the Academy of Athens (2023-).

Visiting professor of the University of Crete (spring/summer semester 1995). Visiting professor of the British Academy (February 1996). Visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), acad. year 1996-7. Visiting professor of the University of Cyprus (February 2007). Visiting Research Fellow of the Thyssen Foundation at the University of Cologne (Germany), March-June 2012. Visiting lecturer on various occasions at universities and scholarly institutions in Europe, America, and China.

Corresponding member of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and member of various scholarly societies.

Member of the editorial/advisory board of the periodicals Archaiognosia, Classica et Mediaevalia, Mediterraneo Antico, Pharos, Tekmeria, and of the scholarly series HABES (Heidelberger Althistorische Beiträge und Epigraphische Studien).

Main interests/areas of scholarly activity: political and institutional history of the Hellenistic world and the Roman imperial period in the Greek East, ancient ruler cult, modern historiography on the ancient world.

Author of four scholarly books (in Greek, German and English) and editor/co-editor of thirteen national/international collective volumes and a longer encyclopedia chapter (in ThesCRA II) on subjects of his field (Ancient History).

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