Gizelis Gregory

Gregory Gizelis
Academic Associate

Biographical note

Dr Gregory Gizelis: Diploma, School of Philosophy, University of Athens, 1959∙ MA (1970), Ph.D (1972) University of Pennsylvania. Graduate courses in Sociology of Education from Colgate University, Hamilton N.Y., 1967. During his graduate studies he obtained scholarships from Fulbright, Travel Grant (1968-1972), Rockefeller Fund (1968-1969), Ford Foundation-University of Pennsylvania (1968-1972), and National Institute of Mental Health (1970-1972). He was Director of the Research Center for Greek Society of the Academy of Athens from 1979 (year of foundation of the Center) to December 2002, when he retired. In collaboration with the founder of the Research Center for Greek Society Gregory Kassimatis, member of the Academy of Athens, they formulated the scientific goals of the Center.

          In 1988 he proposed the foundation of the Research Committee of the Academy of Athens so that the money that had been given to ΚΕΕΚ to conduct various research projects could be used. After the efforts of The Senate of the Academy of Athens, The Greek Parliament voted for the application of the law related to Research Committees of Universities to the Academy of Athens as well (Law 1771/88, article 8 paragraph 2). After the suggestion of The Supervising Committee of the Center -formed by the Academicians, Xenophon Zolotas President, Aggelos Aggelopoulos supervisor, and Georgios Vlachos Member- to the Senate of the Academy of Athens, the Director of the ΚΕΕΚ was appointed Director of Secretariat of the Research Committee (Senate’s meeting 10 of May 1988). To be noted that the newly founded Research Committee of the Academy of Athens decided that the first three research projects to be placed in the research program of KEEK.

          Dr. Gizelis has published twenty three (23) books and monographs. Among them: Scientific Folklore and Anthropological Paradigms (Athens, 1973, in Greek), The Rhetoric of Dress (Athens, 1974, in Greek), Narrative Rhetorical Devices of Persuasion in the Greek Community of Pennsylvania (New York: Arno Press, 1980), Tradition and Modernity: Changing Patterns of Cultural Activity within the Greek Family (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiado, 1984), The  Ethnography of Health (Athens: Grigoropoulos 1977, in Greek), The Cultural System, Its Semiotic and Communicational Character (Athens: Grigoropoulos, 1980, in Greek), The Problems of the Greek Book (Athens: Association of the Greek Literati, 1986, in Greek), Politics and Cultural System: Anthropological Approach to Understanding the Contemporary Socio-political Problems (Athens: Ellopia, 2005, in Greek), Patronage, The Greek Bureaucracy and the Factors that Form the Greek Peculiarity (Athens: Academy of Athens, Publications of the Research Center for Greek Society, Nr 11, 2009).

          Dr. Gizelis’ books The Cultural System, Its Semiotic and Communicational Character and The Northern Epirus Question: Analysis and Critique of the Historical Events and of the Hellenic Foreign Policy (Athens: ΚΕΒΑ, 1992) have been used as university manual books. In the following books they have been based doctoral theses: The Rhetoric of Dress, 5 doctoral theses, Space Distribution and Organization of Folklore Museums and Collections of the Country (Athens: ΕΚΚΕ, 1979, Vol. A and B), 1 doctoral thesis, The Cultural System, Its Semiotic and Communicational Character, 1 doctoral thesis, The Problems of the Greek Book, 1 doctoral thesis.

          He has edited seven books. He has also published 200 articles in Greek and Foreign Scientific Journals. He has organized and directed thirty (30) research programs˙ five of these programs were subsidized by International Institutions. During his service as director of the ΚΕΕΚ they had been published by the Center (ΚΕΕΚ), The Research Committee of the Academy of Athens, Foreign Publishers and Greek ones –when the Academy of Athens could not subsidize the publication of the results of their research projects- 21 books which have been based on the research projects of the Center. In 1987 he established the Journal “Hellenic Society”, the Annual of the Research Center for Greek Society of the Academy of Athens and edited the volumes 1-5 and 7. He was also coeditor of the volumes 10-11.

          Dr. Gizelis is a member of many Greek and International Scientific Associations: Among them are The International Sociological Association (in the period 1978-1982 he was representative of Greece to this Association), American Anthropological Association, Council on Education and Anthropology, American Anthropological Society, American Folklore Society. He is founder member of the Hellenic Semeiotic Society and of the Society of the Greek Anthropologists of which he was president from its establishment till 2000. In the period 1981-1983 he was member of the Hellenic National Committee of UNESCO. In 1986 he became member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. He has been reviewer of articles for the Journal of International Sociology. In January 26 of 1998 he was elected corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Humanities Research. Concise curriculum vitae have been published in the Marquis Who is Who in the World and in 5000 Personalities of the World.


Information and contact

Address : 14 Anagnostopoulou str., 10673 Athens