Nikos Voglis

Nikos Voglis was born in Avlona ( Attiki, Greece) in 1948. He obtained his first degree in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He served as a teacher of physics in secondary education from 1977 to 1981, the year when he joined the University of Athens as a scientific assistant in the section of Astronomy of the Department of Physics. In 1984 he accomplished his Ph.D thesis on "the evolution of density perturbations in the Universe". In 1986 he was appointed lecturer in the Dept. of Physics of the University of Athens. He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 1990, and to Associate Professor in 1997. In 2000 he moved to the Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics of the Academy of Athens (RCAAM), and in 2001 he was appointed Director of the RCAAM, a position that he held until his sudden death by heart attack, on February 2007. He was the author of over 100 publications in international scientific journals, international conference proceedings, and editor of proceeding volumes. His publications reflect a wide range of scientific interests including cosmology, galaxy formation and dynamics, and the theory and applications of nonlinear dynamical systems. Well known are his works on analytical models of evolution of the density perturbations in the early universe, the growth of angular momentum in protogalaxies, the distribution function of galaxies, methods of detection of order or chaos based on the `dynamical spectra', and the chaotic nature of spiral arms in barred galaxies. He supervised seven Ph.D theses, and had been a member of the supervising committee of over ten Ph.D and numerous graduate theses. He is survived by his wife and son.